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"Will in Scarlet" by Matthew Cody ~ Book Review

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Book Description:

This reimagining of the Robin Hood legend tells the story of the young boy behind the bandit hero's rise to fame.

Will Shackley is the son of a lord, and though just thirteen, he’s led a charmed, protected life and is the heir to Shackley House, while his father is away on the Third Crusade with King Richard the Lionheart.

But with King Richard’s absence, the winds of treason are blowing across England, and soon Shackley House becomes caught up in a dangerous power struggle that drives Will out of the only home he’s ever known. Alone, he flees into the dangerous Sherwood Forest, where he joins an elusive gang of bandits readers will immediately recognize.

How Will helps a drunkard named Rob become one of the most feared and revered criminals in history is a swashbuckling ride perfect for anyone who loves heroes, villains, and adventure.

About the Author, Matthew Cody:

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri and spent most of my childhood running around my neighborhood dressed up as my version of Superman (my version being the kind that wears cowboy boots. Don’t ask me why.)

While I was a kid who loved stories, I hated books. Who could be bothered to sit down and read when you could be playing Cowboys and Superheroes? By today’s standards I was what you would call a reluctant reader, which is a very polite way of saying if you handed me a book I might’ve thrown a boot at you.

This lasted until the fifth grade, when by way of trickery and skullduggery, an older brother of mine fooled me into reading a book that I actually enjoyed. The story of how he accomplished this nefarious act is too long to tell here, but if I ever visit your school perhaps you can get it out of me. But the important thing is that I discovered that not all books are meant for every reader. I found books out there that had everything I was looking for in my stories – action, adventure and mystery (though they were sadly lacking in cowboy-superheroes). I found my niche, the books that I’d been missing out on, and there was no looking back.

When I got a little older, my love of imagination and stories found a new outlet in theater, and I pursued that throughout high school and even into college and beyond. But I kept reading, and I never forgot that boot-clad kid who hated books.

My first novel was written with him in mind – the fifth grade me. I promised myself that I would try to make a story that would’ve grabbed his interest and introduced him to a world of books that he might have missed out on.

A darn good story is what I was trying for - a book that I could give my now-adult brother as well as his kids.

I still aim for that with every new book. I hope I’m doing okay.

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Matthew Cody pens "Will in Scarlet" a middle grade fantasy in a plot that is filled with historical facts that an 11-13 year old would understand. although the beginning was a bit slow, the author's crisp writing finally captivated me once I figured out that it was not the "typical" Robin Hood story but one that is told by a young Will. A nice fast read that I would recommend.

I give "Will in Scarlet" a 4 star rating.

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